Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Fast!

On Thursday evening we went to Ty's new school (Rooster Springs Elementary) for "Meet the Teacher" night. I have been quite reluctant and a little sad because he is my baby and he is growing up so quickly. He has attended private school in the past and I have loved the atmosphere, size of the classes, etc. I must admit that being a teacher myself has made me quite picky, especially with my little one. I have tried to shelter him for the most part in the past but, I realize now that it is time for my little one to "grow up" if you would, and start learning things on his own. I can't protect him from everything and Kris and I feel that it is our responsibility to let him experience and learn things on his own. We feel that this and our guidance is what will help mold him into a smart, responsible boy! Ok, enough of me being totally sappy. Here are some great pics of him at "Meet the Teacher."

Ty sitting at his desk.

Ty's teacher, Mrs. Webb

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