Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ty and Daddy!

I love this picture of Ty and Kris. This was taken on the morning of Ty's first day of Kindergarten.

House Hunters!

Kris getting wired up for sound! He was such a trooper during the whole process.
Bogart giving Amy a kiss!
Bogart and Amy!
Ty was such a little sweetie! He did a great job on the show and he looked so little!
Amy, me and the producer of the show Susan!
Well tonight was the big night! Amy my sister was on House Hunters on HGTV. It has been about a year and a half since the taping of the show so we have all been waiting patiently for it to air. We all got together to watch the show and we had so much fun watching it. Ty was so excited to be on T.V. that he kept saying, "I am so nervous." We thought they did a fantastic job with the show and Amy's house looked Gorgeous! She put so much time and effort into decorating it. We watched it several times and just laughed at everything that was said. One bittersweet moment was seeing my Italian Greyhound Tasca. We had to put her to sleep since the taping of the show so it was really neat to see her. It is also neat that we will have the tape of her.

Football Time!

Ty and Kris had a great time at the Texans football game on Saturday! We have season tickets so I am sure you will see a lot of pictures. Ty really enjoys going to the games once he gets there. He is not to fond of the drive from Austin to Houston but once he gets there he is excited. He loves all of the "bad food" he gets to eat like snow cones and cotton candy. He is really becoming a little fan. He will cheer for his favorite player and is starting to learn how the game works. There is also another little boy named Jacob that sits in front of us that he likes to play with and talk too! They share their snacks and toys! They are so cute to watch together and it is nice because they keep each other entertained!


This post is coming a little late but I did want to put it up. Two Sundays ago our church had a Kindergarten Blessing. The elders of the church had all of the kids going into Kindergarten come up to the front of the congregation. They then prayed over the kids and the parents. I loved it! I felt very comforted knowing that the congregation and elders would be praying for us and Ty this school year. Our church does a lot of really neat things. This picture is of Ty after the prayer. They also gave each of the kids a new Bible.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First day of Kindergarten

Ty started Kindergarten with a BANG! He had a great time and did a fantastic job. He said he had a blast and he can't wait to go back.