Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun in the Sun!!!

We had such a fun time in Port Aransas this week! We got back yesterday and I already miss being in the sun. We went with our good friends Angie and Jason and their 3 sweet little ones!

Tucker's first trip on the ferry!

Three of the kiddos playing on the floor in our house!

Tucker and Jaxon taking a fun bath together!

Merrill with 3 of the kids on the ferry! We LOVE Merrill because she comes with us to keep the kids and help out so we can go out at night and have a nice dinner and DANCE! She is also such a sweetie!

Ty jumping off the high dive at the community pool in Aransas Pass!

Thumbs Up on the diving board!

Alec and Ty on the ferry! I was polishing Isa's nails and Ty wanted a tattoo. I gave him a surfboard tattoo with finger nail polish! Hope it comes off!

Ty in his undies flashing the peace sign. He is for sure my kid. The least amount of clothes the better! Especially in this heat!


Meredith said...

I am so impressed he went off the high dive! WOW! Love fun trips to the beach!

twarpula said...

Great Pictures!! Looks like a fun time. I love the one of Esa with the "little boys", so cute! Tucker looks so much older with all those new teeth. -tanya