Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The "Night Before" Tradition!

I can't believe our "little sweetie" is turning five tomorrow. We have started a tradition that the night before his birthday we make cupcakes together. He gets to have one before bed and then one first thing in the morning before he gets out of bed the day of his b-day. We really had a good time tonight making the cupcakes and Ty made the biggest mess. Oh well, it was all worth it to see that smile on his face! Happy 5th Birthday Ty!


jonna said...

What a fun tradition. You simply can't go wrong with cupcakes in bed!

LJ said...

How fun! What a great memory & bonding moment for you both! I love making roll-out cookies with Seth around the holidays. . . he is in charge of sifting powdered sugar for the icing. It's almost as if a light snow has fallen in my kitchen by the time he is done - but so much fun!

JessBless said...

I totally love that tradition!!! He is a definite cutie-pie! Happy Birthday, Ty!!!!