Saturday, September 1, 2007

Honey and Granddad

This is a cute picture of Honey and Granddad!

Ty, Kris and I decided to come to Boerne for the long weekend! We love it here and so does Ty. It is so nice that he can just go outside and ride his four wheeler, ride the horses, play in the barn and so many other things. Today we had Rudy's for dinner. Ty was eating the yummy corn they have and he said, "this corn is 100 percent delicious!" He says the most hilarious things at the most random times. I really need to start writing everything he says down. Kris is going to go fishing while we are here. I am planning on reading a new book I just bought and relaxing. My mom, Amy and I went shopping today and had fun girl time!


twarpula said...

Ok Beth you will just laugh at this random question. But what is that color called on your wall? It is fantastic!! I have a similar one in my kitchen, but I'm liking yours better. So please do share!

Joan said...

Beth, Thanks for sharing your blog. I love it...and I love seeing this picture of your Mom and Dad. Oh how I miss them. Please give them our love.