Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big Day!

Ty had a very big day today! We (Ty and Mommy) went to see Ratatouille again at the theater. He loves the movie and talked me into going again. Kris woke up very early this morning to go fishing so it was just the two of us. After the movie we came home and played a little bit with Kris who was home from fishing. We played Monopoly Jr. which Ty loves. After playing the game Ty and Kris went to the Kendall County Fair in Boerne. Ty rode the cars, slide, ferris wheel, carousel, and more. They had so much fun together. For dinner they ate corn dogs which is one of Ty's favorites. Before bath and bed time Ty and Kris played soccer for about an hour. Ty loves heading it and trying to see how far he can kick it. I think Kris has as much fun as Ty does. It was a great day and Ty had a blast. He went to bed tonight and I think he was asleep in less than 5 minutes. He was so tired from his fun day!

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