Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's Been Cooking

So, last year for my birthday Amy made me a fantastic cook book. In it is a staples list and 12 weeks of menus. Each week is broken down by 5 days. For each day, the directions are written for each menu. Also, in the back of the book she made a laminated grocery list for each week. So, all I have to do is decide which week I want to use and then take the grocery list to the store. So AWESOME! I had been wanting her to do this for me since she is such a great cook. All of the meals are super easy and kid friendly. Having this cookbook has also been great for my budget. I had just about everything already for this weeks menu so my grocery bill on Monday was LOW!!! I know that some of you have seen the book but I am going to put some pictures up. She made the cookbook like a scrapbook in hot pink, my favorite color. I totally think she needs to publish this!!! Thanks girl! Love you!

This weeks menu:
Monday - Chicken & Dumplings with steamed vegetables
Tuesday - Spaghetti and Meatballs
Wednesday - Lemon Baked Chicken with Rice
Thursday - Twice Baked Potatoes
Friday - Fajitas


Christy said...

I would pay alot of money for that, it is an awesome idea, espeically the grocery lists.

Amy said...

A lot of money, huh? HMMMMM . . . . . just kidding, I would be happy to make one for anyone who wants. Glad you are enjoying it, Beth!

Jessica said...

Soo cool! I would never have the patience or the insight for that matter to put that together! What a sweet sister you have!