Friday, October 24, 2008

Ty's hopes for the Future

Ty got a new book from the book fair at school. It is called, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Do It Yourself Book. I think it is probably for fifth graders but is is cute none the less. It is like a journal where you can fill out questions and make your own comics. Last night before bed I was reading it with him. There is a page called Predict the Future.

These are Ty's 5 bold predictions for the future:

1. Cars will be solar powered.
2. Solar powered alarm clocks.
3. No Brocolli!
4. Bad people will be erased by pencils.
5. All clothes will be made out of organic cotton.

I particularly like #5.


twarpula said...

LOL!! What a funny, smart boy. #5 just proves that Ty is your kid! Thanks for the great laugh. -tanya

Beth Hames said...

HA! Love it. What a smart little environmentalist!