Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Cookin'

Well, I will admit that I have not cooked at all since the holidays! I was planning on trying to cook at least 4 nights a week but that has not happened! Instead, my poor kids and husband have been eating a lot of corn dogs and chicken nuggets!

In an attempt to eat healthier (new years resolution), I am going to try to keep up with my cooking goal. I am hoping that by putting it all out there and letting you all know what I am supposed to be cooking, that it will hold me accountable! We'll see!!! :)

So, armed with my cook book and grocery list that Amy made me (check out the post on it here) I headed off to the grocery (which I don't like doing) and picked up everything I needed for this weeks menu along with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables! Having a set menu and grocery list really helps me stay organized, focused and keeps me from buying items I don't need!

Monday: Lemon baked chicken with corn on the cob, dinner rolls and fresh salad.
Tuesday: Lasagna with green beans, garlic bread and caesar salad.
Wednesday: Grilled chicken breast with sweet potatoes and fresh salad.
Thursday: Chicken parmesan with caesar salad.
Friday: FREE DAY (which means I have no idea and that's o.k.!)

I am really hoping to stick with this throughout the rest of the year! What are you guy's eating for dinner? Let us know! It would be a great way to get different ideas and stay inspired!

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myra said...

I've been trying to get back in the habit of menu planning too. Coming up with a menu sometimes is exciting for me as going to the dentist but it sure is nice to have it done for the week.

BTW: I gave you a Blogger award for having a great and inspirational blog. Check out my blog for your award!

Christy said...

I need to get my Amy cookbook back out too. Planning the menu is by far the hardest part for me, but she has done all of the hard work for us! Good goal for your family, I want to work harder at that too. :)

Casey said...

Greg would like to make a reservation for 2 for tonight - he loves your lasagne! :)

Jessica said...

I now know I love your lasagne too!

Kim P. said...

I bought a fun menu planning pad that hangs on my refrigerator that makes menu planning slightly more fun =) Although Joe pointed out that we hardly ever stick to it exactly, at least I plan ahead and have lots of things I can cook and still stay flexible. Good luck!