Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yea Tar-jay

I must admit I am a HUGE fan of Target. It seems like they only keep getting better and better with each passing year. Case in point, this morning while I was getting dressed I thought I would love to have a pair of simple, brown flats that I could wear throughout the fall. Well, low and behold when I went into Target today I spied these little cuties just sitting there waiting for me. I tried them on and they were so comfortable. The best part ladies, they were only $19.99. And, I will admit they look a lot like a pair I had seen in the Nordstrom catalog that were quadruple the price! How's that for a Fabulous deal! Now, go get yourself a pair or maybe something different. They have a whole handful of cute shoes and boots with your name on them!

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myra said...

LOVE that store. I miss it soooo much. There's just something about it that makes me happy. Even if I'm not buying anything. It's on my list to go to when I come back to visit.

Cute shoes!