Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gorgeous Garages

As many of you know, I can be quite obsessive compulsive especially when it comes to organizing and my spaces in my house. Today, Kris and I worked out in our garage. He helped so much and I am glad that he does not mind helping me out. Who knew having kids would bring along so much "stuff". I probably have 10 containers of baby clothes and gadgets from when Ty was a baby and from Tucker. It will be nice to get rid of it all and donate it to someone who will use it when the boys get older. I love the garages in the pictures and how clean they are. I do feel that our garage is an extension of our house. I would love to one day paint the floor and possibly have some built in cabinets.

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Leslie said...

I love it!! I dream of having a garage like that!! Ours is always dirty...leaves, grass, mud, cat hair, dust, spider webs, etc...I HATE IT!! I guess living in the country?? That is what I am going with for now ;)