Monday, February 8, 2010

Organizing the Kitchen Pantry



I like to keep similar items in these orange baskets. They keep everything contained for easy access and they are so cute to look at when I open my pantry door. Who say's your pantry can't be cute!

I like to keep most of my mixing bowls and serving pieces on the bottom shelf for easy access. Also, by keeping syrup and oils in a container it keeps your shelf from getting sticky or oily!

I realized I don't need any more salt. That is one great thing about organizing, you see what you already have so you don't buy duplicates. This can apply anywhere, not just in the kitchen.

Keeping my knives on the next to top shelf keep little hands from reaching them.

I keep all of my appliances on the top shelf so they are easy to get to but not in the way!

I have 5 lazy susan's that I LOVE! I bought them at IKEA for $7 each and they are so handy and save so much space. They also make finding your items so much easier. Lazy susan's can also be used in so many different areas in the house!

Tucker keeping me company!

Well, it was time for me to clean out and re-organize my pantry. I like to do this about every 3 months. I have found that things get moved around and out of there "place" quite quickly. By staying on top of keeping it organized, it will not get totally out of control. Here are a few before and after pictures from this morning.


Julie T said...

Wow...that looks great. My pantry definitely needs some TLC. Thanks for the ideas!

Jessica said...

I have slowly been trying to make my pantry "cute" too! Love the ideas!

Kris said...
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Kris said...
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