Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I read this earlier and thought it was beautiful. I wanted to share it with you! Also, check out her cute blog!

"I wrote this while studying "Self and Society" --a course taught by the highly influential Linda Van Leuven P.h.D. whom is one of the persons I credit for giving me a significantly wider perspective on life."

"I think most people experience it, a feeling of being in limbo –times in which we have lost our sense of direction because we have left one thing and don’t know where to find the next. And then when you think, “ah, I’m here, I know,” in those moments you can almost be guaranteed that something will come along to put you in groundlessness, to pull the proverbial rug out. Maybe, the point is to stop striving for a place to rest comfortably, to have all loose ends tied, and to “know who you are.” Maybe what is really freeing or radical is to make friends with fluidity, to realize that change is only constant and that the tighter we grasp to an outcome or and idea of how things should be, the more we suffer when they are not that. As young people, we are always told what we should do or be doing. But the question ultimately is –what do I want to do? What makes my “heart sing”? And is it okay to not “know” but to still move forward anyway? Yes, of course!"

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